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“If You Can Think” is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit educational organization dedicated to spread awareness among people against social and economical problems in the society regardless to the cast and creed they belong to. We do not promote or criticize a religion/ideology/theory through this platform. We do not hold any intentions to criticize any religion/ideology/theory but, if at any point, we see any religion/ideology/theory supporting the social or the economical problems of the society directly or indirectly; we do consider ourselves liable to at least raise our voices against. We offer our apologies in advance if any of our words hurt or offend your feelings.

“If You Can Think” understands that there is no such thing as “Final” when it comes to human-intellect. A good concept may anytime be overridden by a better one, but this phenomenon requires flexibility in the attitude of beholders. People or nations who demonstrate a rigid behavior and do not allow others or themselves to reevaluate the ideas get finally victimized of stagnation. Whenever you consider a human-being or anything else as a final authority (or GOD) over your thoughts you create a new group for which the other groups become absolutely wrong. If You Can Think advocates the idea of “No-God” before asking humanity to surrender against the one.

Thank You,

If You Can Think